Kitchen Must-Haves

In a small kitchen or in a big kitchen, there are ways to work more efficiently. If you have the right tool for the job, you will enjoy the process of making your delicious, healthy, tummy friendly recipes so much more.
Enjoy- share- and let me know your favorite “must haves” for the kitchen!

Just click on the pictures below to check out the details on my favorites that I know you’ll love too!

Small Appliances

Food Processors

There are so many to choose from! I really appreciate having a double bowl. That way you can create different recipes without cleaning in between. We’re going to be using nuts and dates in our recipes, so the more powerful food processors are definitely worth the money.

Ice Cream Machines

Have you always wanted one?
I have the insert always ready in the freezer so I don’t have to do much planning when it comes to tasty frozen treats, and guess what? You can make frozen treats that are tummy friendly too!

Immersion blender

Don’t be fooled by the appliances that come with all the “extras”. Make sure you buy a strong blender, at least 500 watts. You’ll be making mayo and blending your hot soups. You want a blender that can outlast you in the kitchen.

Food Prep


You’ll know you’re serious when you buy knives! But, you’ll be wondering how you ever worked in your kitchen without sharp knives. They almost do the work for you!

Cutting Boards

Make sure to have different cutting boards for meat, poultry and produce. I love bamboo cutting boards. The natural density of bamboo produces a cutting board that’s highly resistant to scarring and absorbing liquid, which means it’s less likely to harbor bacteria. And it cleans with just soap and water. 

Ball Jars

Ball jars make amazing food storage. This 16oz size is perfect for dressings or storing roasted nuts. I use the 32 oz for storing soups and broths.

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