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Eat to Feel Great is a healthy approach to a lifestyle that focuses on what makes you feel your best. Whether you are working with food sensitives, autoimmune disease, weight gain, or just want healthier options you can feel great about sharing with the ones you love, I’m sure you will find some new favorites here.
Learn to listen to what your body needs and the rest tends to fall into place.
Enjoy, comment, and let me know what you’d like to see next! ~Kimmy

I’m always on the lookout for quality products to test. When I love them and they become my favorites- I just have to share them with my friends!

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Eat it all! Keep your Thanksgiving meal in check with these tips.

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?Food, family, friends, maybe it’s football! Whatever your traditions are, keep in mind they can all fit into your healthy lifestyle. Moderation is key and knowing that one day will not equal failure relieves stress and allows you to enjoy the day. Plan your day The Thanksgiving dinner is aContinue reading “Eat it all! Keep your Thanksgiving meal in check with these tips.”

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Holiday gift guide

Do you love shopping for the the holidays? After working in retail for many, many years, I am not an “enjoy the frenzy” shopper. However, no one can deny checking off your Nice List with items you know they will flip over and getting amazing deals, just feels great! Shopping on a budget? Umm- aren’tContinue reading “Holiday gift guide”

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