Nutrition Coaching and Services

Eat to Feel Great
1:1 Coaching with Kimmy

In this personalized 16 week coaching program you will receive:

  • Scheduled video check-ins twice a week to ensure you are progressing towards your goals
  • Daily communication via text with same day response
  • Goal oriented nutrition plan tailored to YOU
  • Meal planning and meal prep education for lasting results
  • Access to meal ideas and snack options straight to your inbox
  • Nutritional support for lifestyle adjustments
  • Exercise and self care guidance

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Kimmy Luongo
Nutrition Coach, NASM Certified

I am thrilled you are here!
I can’t wait to get started with you on your journey to feel great, look great and have so much energy!

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Pantry Clean UP

  • 60 minute video call to address your pantry, fridge and spice cupboard
  • Follow up meal and snack ideas with what you already have on hand
  • Easy tricks to grab healthier snacks
  • Simple add-ins for your next shopping trip
  • Grocery shopping guide

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