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Probiotics are living microorganisms, “good” bacteria found in foods prepared by bacterial fermentation or supplements. They may help treat or prevent disease by increasing the good bacteria in your gut which in turn allows your body to achieve the most positive result from the foods we eat, holding on to those valuable vitamins and minerals, and avoiding leaky gut.

How Probiotics Heal Your Tummy (and A Lot More)


What if you could combine grocery shopping with food prep using your time more efficiently and ensuring healthy meals and snacks throughout the week? Here are a few simple tips that will maximize your valiant efforts to keep your family safe and healthy.

Make Healthy Eating Easier With These Smart Tips


How does better flexibility benefit your health

Being flexible can help improve your overall health and well-being. By incorporating a stretching routine at any age, you can increase flexibility and enjoy better balance, a new range of movement and much less tension in your body and mind.

Is coffee healthy?

You’ll find a few surprises you may not know about your morning tradition. Great read to check out!

NY Daily News
South Florida Sun Sentinel
The Virginian-Pilot
The Baltimore Sun
The Morning Call
Hartford Courant
Chicago Tribune

What is the best laptop for elementary students?

The days of only needing simple school supplies, like crayons, extra pencils and glue sticks, are over. Schools going remote in 2020 reiterated the importance that education be portable. Prior to 2020, parents may not have considered buying a laptop for, say, their five-year-old in kindergartner, but the pandemic has forced online learning to be the permanent direction of education, whether students are physically or virtually in the classroom.

How to get clear skin

This article highlights culprits in your diet that may be wreaking havoc on your skin. This article highlights one of my favorite diet recharges- The Whole30

Eating greens has health benefits beyond compare, but how do we get to a point where we actually enjoy our greens? Here’s a simple road map to healthier lunches and dinners that all starts with those leafy greens!

The Big Salad: Easy Steps to Eating More Greens


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