Tip: Organic Carrots packed in water

Tip for your kitchen:
Buy carrots 🥕 in the big bag. Organic carrots are very similar in price to non organic when bought this way. Wash well in a vinegar or light soap solution while rubbing the outside of the carrots. No need to peel. Cut tips off and slice long. Put into a large jar and fill with water. These are super easy for snacking and they’ll stay crunchy all week!

Why organic? Organic carrots have been shown to have much higher levels of vitamins and minerals (including beta-carotene and B1)

Why not pre-cut carrots? Have you noticed that your pre-cut carrots turn white and dry out? This is due to a chlorine wash used to clean the carrots which is said to not be a health concern, but it is drying out your crunchy carrots! Another fact is that is more fun to eat a big carrot (ha!)

Why fill the jar with water? To keep them crunchy! If by the end of the week, you haven’t eaten them, add them to your recipes or roast them with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.


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