What would you do with $1000 today?

Hi All! I just absolutely love this time of the year- secretly, or not so secretly, I am just waiting for the Christmas music to take over our morning rides to school! The weather is changing and I’m ready to get out my fuzzy boots however on the coast of NC, our afternoons are still all about t shirts and tank tops!

Photo by Nikita Nikitin on Pexels.com

I want to say that I heard the first countdown to the holidays starting back around Labor Day. This sits rather uneasy with me. Why? Not because I am worried about not being ready for the holidays, but because I don’t want to rush them! I love the build up to the whole season- not just one day of it. The ads and the retail stores would have you believe that Christmas will be here and gone before you could even say “Feliz Navidad”. I’m not having it. I love the first leaf falling to the frosty mornings to the cup of cocoa on a chilly evening when it is dark before 5 pm! Enjoy your moments.

And that is really what it’s about. But- the title of this post has you thinking about $1000. What would you do with $1000 today? What would it mean to you?
Maybe that is your holiday shopping fund, your donation to the food bank, or that would be groceries for your family for the next month.

Something has really been bothering me… fear. There are so many ads, DMs, emails all assuming that because of fear we are going to spend our precious time playing games on our phone for pretend money. Or- this one really gets me- getting a personal loan to pad our bank account (Hello- that is more debt- i.e. more stress). Or maybe the answer is switching your car insurance to a new carrier. Ok- so I am not going to discredit all of the “quick cash” messages I have been getting lately, but I will say this- Stop making your money decisions from fear and start to create opportunities that allow your money to work for you. Work smarter.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have something brewing on the side- even if it is just in the idea stage. I learned a long time ago that trading hours for $ is tiring. I have found fun opportunities that allow time to be present with family while building something more than a one time paycheck.

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, we should chat. I am not about to pressure anyone or chase you. I simply have an opportunity to share with you this month and it is simply amazing. Like this post and send me a message and I will get you some info. You decide if it’s right for you. This is more than just a “quick cash” idea- it is proven, fun, and best of all lasting.

Are you going to holiday shop for yourself, mom, sister, wife, daughter, aunt, bff?
Do you have people in your life that you love to share exciting news with?
Do you like to help others?
Could you use extra $ beyond your 9-5?
Do you have potential that you know could be used to help others?

Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

Send me a message on my social media or email me today. I can’t wait to share this with you! Links are all in the top right of this page.

I’m always on the lookout for quality products to test. When I love them and they become my favorites- I just have to share them with my friends!

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