Easy favorite fruit quick bake~ dairy free, gluten free, grain free~ oh so delicious!

Looking for a super simple dessert? This fruit bake creates show stopping coffee dates, delicious desserts topped with vegan whip or a great topping for your oatmeal or waffles in the morning. I’ve made this with all kinds of fruit combinations. Fresh or frozen fruit both work well. Baking it covered for the first 15Continue reading “Easy favorite fruit quick bake~ dairy free, gluten free, grain free~ oh so delicious!”

Summer Slaw- dairy free and egg free

Feels like summer… tastes like summer! This is my go-to side for all your BBQ faves. You can make it ahead of time by a day or two, or just have it as a weekly prep in your fridge for a light tasting flavor punch all summer long. My new favorite summer treat is CajunContinue reading “Summer Slaw- dairy free and egg free”

So good cookies

Sometimes the best cookies come from me looking in the cupboard and literally having to find substitutes for almost every ingredient! This was one recipe just like that. This cookie has an amazing flavor. I love to substitute almond extract for vanilla in recipes and this one it did not disappoint! This is a glutenContinue reading “So good cookies”

Garlic Bread – gluten free, dairy free, and quick!

mmm… who doesn’t love a good garlic bread? You may have your main dish planned out for tonight’s dinner, but this is a super easy addition the will give you big smiles all around the dinner table.
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Gift guide for the healthy girl!

Why wait for a New Year’s resolution to support your friends health journeys?We all know someone who has been trying to focus more on the choices that make them feel better- healthy- active- alive! Maybe, you have found some new healthy habits that you want to share. Help your loves start off 2023 creating healthyContinue reading “Gift guide for the healthy girl!”

Eat it all! Keep your Thanksgiving meal in check with these tips.

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?Food, family, friends, maybe it’s football! Whatever your traditions are, keep in mind they can all fit into your healthy lifestyle. Moderation is key and knowing that one day will not equal failure relieves stress and allows you to enjoy the day. Plan your day The Thanksgiving dinner is aContinue reading “Eat it all! Keep your Thanksgiving meal in check with these tips.”

Holiday gift guide

Do you love shopping for the the holidays? After working in retail for many, many years, I am not an “enjoy the frenzy” shopper. However, no one can deny checking off your Nice List with items you know they will flip over and getting amazing deals, just feels great! Shopping on a budget? Umm- aren’tContinue reading “Holiday gift guide”

What would you do with $1000 today?

Hi All! I just absolutely love this time of the year- secretly, or not so secretly, I am just waiting for the Christmas music to take over our morning rides to school! The weather is changing and I’m ready to get out my fuzzy boots however on the coast of NC, our afternoons are stillContinue reading “What would you do with $1000 today?”