Chicken Nuggets- grain free, dairy free, gluten free

Homemade Chicken nuggets are a quick dinner that everyone in your family is going to love. Making them at home, you get to decide which chicken, which ingredients, and best of all- they’re fresh! These little nuggets are super easy to make in a pinch, and enjoy with your favorite BBQ sauce or Honey MustardContinue reading “Chicken Nuggets- grain free, dairy free, gluten free”

Meatballs! Totally gluten free and grain free

When you start to cook without gluten and grains, you begin to think of food differently. I tried so hard to figure out a way to replace breadcrumbs in meatballs. I tried different nut flours, gluten free flours, etc. They just weren’t great. Then I thought- what if I just leave it out? What makesContinue reading “Meatballs! Totally gluten free and grain free”