Holiday gift guide

Do you love shopping for the the holidays? After working in retail for many, many years, I am not an “enjoy the frenzy” shopper. However, no one can deny checking off your Nice List with items you know they will flip over and getting amazing deals, just feels great!

Shopping on a budget? Umm- aren’t we all? What if you could make your spending power 3x, or more, what you actually spend? Sounds good, right?

Perfect gifts for daughters (anyone got teens like me that are always stealing your clothes?), mothers, nieces, aunts, bff, the list goes on and on. I even have some gift ideas for your hubby, sons, and bros!

Here’s some favorites to get the biggest smiles with these one size fits all gift ideas:
From warm pom hats, to sweater wraps, scarves, water bottles and tea thermos.

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Step 1: choose your shopping spree… what is your budget?

The Favorite~Deluxe $499=$1500+
Budget friendly at $499, this shopping spree includes wholesale pricing, plus shop the black Friday sale and it gives you shopping power of over $1500!!!

Cozy gifts sets

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Step 2: Shop your favorite gift ideas starting at 12:01 AM Wednesday morning, 11/23/22.

The best gifts will sell out! You do not have to spend all your shopping credits at once. So get your favorites now.

Dress up for the holiday party!

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Cozy by the fireside

Step 3: Sit back and relax. Have fun with family and friends. Take your time wrapping your amazing gifts!

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Happy Holidays to you and your loves!


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