Veggies for Breakfast-

How do you eat vegetables for breakfast?
Beyond onions and peppers with home fries, most of us haven’t thought of vegetables for breakfast. I am no stranger to leftovers from the night before on my breakfast plate. It’s super easy to make a bit more veggies the night before and pop them in a skillet in the morning to freshen them up. You can have a hot breakfast in a flash.
Let’s think about breakfast for a minute. The word breakfast, or break fast is just that. This is the meal that will set the precedent for how you’re going to feel all day. Whether you eat breakfast at 6 am, 9 am, or not until noon, have a glass of water and consider this before you make your plate.

Step 1– Decide on your protein. Here I have 2 eggs 🍳 over medium. Your protein can be leftover meat from last night’s dinner even!
Step 2– Search your fridge for some veggies. Here I have leftover roasted veg. This can be as simple as a handful of greens too (how fast is that?)
Step 3– Healthy fat. That’s right, I said fat. We need fats to keep our brain functioning at it’s tip top for the day. Fat also helps us to feel satiated and satisfied with our delicious breakfast. It does matter which fat you add to your breakfast, though I am only referring to healthy fats here. Maybe it is the coconut oil or ghee that you put in your pan with your veggies or simply the whole eggs. My favorite topping in the morning is a half of avocado. You can also try chia seeds or nuts in your breakfast dish.
Here, I also have a no sugar, grain free, blueberry muffin from last night. This is seriously mostly blueberries, but is made with almond flour, eggs and chia seeds.

A couple of slight adjustments each morning will help you to feel full until your next meal and you won’t run out of energy or be dragging yourself to the coffee pot for a boost. Habits take time to form, but soon you won’t even need to think twice about what you’re having for breakfast.
Don’t complicate it, but do try new breakfasts. 2 rules I follow at breakfast that keep me going well into the afternoon-

Spinach, Eggs, Sweet Potato Mash, Avocado

1- Protein! Don’t skip it!
2- No sugar- a bit of fruit is super but, come on- a doughnut or sweet roll- that’s just not breakfast. (You’ll be hungry in an hour and draggin’ butt for the day)

Have fun with your breakfast! Everyone will soon be asking you to share it!

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