Gift guide for the healthy girl!

Why wait for a New Year’s resolution to support your friends health journeys?
We all know someone who has been trying to focus more on the choices that make them feel better- healthy- active- alive! Maybe, you have found some new healthy habits that you want to share. Help your loves start off 2023 creating healthy habits with these gift ideas.

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Try a class together- Lots of fitness centers and yoga studios offer trial classes. Sign up for one with a friend and go together. You’ll have so much fun!

Personal blender or mini food processor- Two appliances that can hang on your counter without taking up much space and easily get used every day.

Cooking Classes- many restaurants, culinary schools, and commercial kitchens offer cooking classes to help your loves get comfortable in the kitchen. This is a great way to learn the basics!

Journal and Pens- for daily reflection, affirmations and goal setting in 2023.

Workout Gear- bras and leggings that will make your loves feel amazing and want to hit the gym.
Don’t know what size? Try one size fits all gifts like yoga mats, sweater wraps, shaker bottles or tea thermos.

New Cookware- This is one thing that most people won’t buy themselves. Great cookware may just be the inspiration they need to start creating delicious meals at home!

An Amazing Water Bottle– Hydration is sooooo important to your health (this is one of my personal favorite gifts to give!)

Meal Prep Containers- Love the idea of meal prepping once a week and fixing all your lunches for the week? Glass containers with lids and ball jars are great tools for planning ahead and layered lunch salads.

Eat to Feel Great Program- Know someone who may need a little nudge to get their healthy lifestyle rolling? Share the Eat to Feel Great philosophy and send them a link to the site. You’ll be sharing healthy habits so that your loves can Eat to Feel Great too!


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